A Letter to the Church Concerning Drive-In Worship

We look forward to having another new worship experience tomorrow as we join together in Drive-In Worship. We’re excited for this return to the church grounds and for the chance to see each other in person after these last few months of distancing. As this is a new experience for all of us, here’s a little information about what to expect in the morning.
1) You’ll see a table set up as you turn into the field across from the church building. Stop there, you’ll be greeted by staff and receive an order of service. Staff members will also receive offerings at that time and location.
2) Ushers will be directing traffic and guiding you toward a place to park. As we haven’t done this before we recognize there may be sound quality issues we aren’t expecting. To that end, if you are hard of hearing let the person parking you know so that you can be directed to a space closer to the stage.
3) Once you are parked, please turn off your car if you’re comfortable doing so. We know that it is going to be warm this time of year, but the sound of every car running, even if they are just idling, can quickly become loud enough to impact the ability of others to hear. Please roll down windows, open sunroofs, and take down convertible tops to keep cool and allow you to see and hear what is happening.
4) Please remain in your car. We know it is exciting to be “in person” for the first time in so long, but North Carolina is still under a Stay at Home order and Gathering restrictions. Help us to follow the instructions of the Apostle Paul in his letters and show our Christian faith by recognizing and respecting secular leaders.
*****Those in trucks may sit in the bed if they’d prefer, but we still ask tat your remain in that area and only family members gather in a vehicle.
5) We understand that some folks will feels safer remaining at home until the threat of COVID-19 is more fully reduced. Services will continue to be posted to the church vimeo page (https://vimeo.com/pleasanthillgrover) during this time.After this week we’ll hopefully have an idea of what time to expect those videos to be available.
Please bear with us if there are kinks in the service that need to be worked out, this is new to us as well. Our hope is to create a meaningful worship experience for all involved and we welcome your feedback on how to better the experience after tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
Pastor Andrew

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