Lighting Proposal

Over the last few months the Building and Grounds Committee has been looking into options concerning lighting in and around the church in response to concerns raised about the lighting in the parking lots, especially outside of Daylight Savings Time when it is dark by the end of evening activities and services. Conversations with Duke Energy concerning outdoor lighting led to an additional conversation about the overall efficiency of our lighting throughout the church. Duke is currently incentivizing businesses and other larger clients to switch over to more efficient (and cost effective) LED lights by covering the bulk of the cost of the switch. The proposal below includes changing all interior lights except those in the sanctuary, all exterior lights below 14 feet, and the non-flood bulbs on the exterior poles to LED (LED flood lights don’t exist at this time). LEDs produce a brighter light (in regards to the parking lot issue) and the change is estimated to reduce the church’s energy costs by $4000 dollars after one year.


Switch of Interior (excluding Sanctuary) and Exterior lighting connected to the church building to LED lighting – $2,267.47

Switch of non-flood light exterior poles to LED – $333.84

Total Cost – $2601.31 (non-budgetary expense)

If you have any questions concerning the proposal between now and Sunday feel free to contact the church office.