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When People Meet Jesus – Lenten Worship at PHBC

First and foremost the Gospels tell the story of Jesus – his miracles, teachings, and eventual death and resurrection. But that is only half the story. The Gospels are also filled with the stories of those folks on the receiving end of those miracles, blessings, and lessons. What we find when we read with an eye to their stories is that no one meets Jesus and leaves the way they came. When people meet Jesus their lives are changed. Join us for worship during Lent as we take a closer look at what happens when people meet Jesus and how meeting him for the first or thousandth time might change our lives as well.

Mar. 1“Expectations Shift,” John 2: 1-12

Mar. 8“They Learn Who Can Matter,” John 6: 1-15

Mar. 15“Their Priorities are Revealed,” Matthew 6: 60-71

Mar. 22 – “They Find Answers…And More Questions,” John 3: 1-21

Mar. 29 – “They’re Grateful…or Not,” Luke 17: 11-19

April 5 (Palm Sunday) – “They Learn What Matters,” Luke 10: 38-42

April 12 (Easter Sunday) – “Some Folks Get It,” Luke 23: 39-43


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