Current Series

The people…have seen a great light!

Lights play an important role in the Christmas season: We adorn our houses and windows with lights as a sign of celebration. People drive for miles to find impressive lighting displays to look at and get into the Holiday Spirit. Families end up in tears after spending hours untangling the lights for the tree only to find that one bulb is out and the entire string won’t work (that’s just at my house? Forget I mentioned anything).

Of course the importance of light in the Christmas season goes far beyond the secular, at its heart the reason for our celebration is light, namely Jesus Christ, the light of the world, whose coming into the world we celebrate. This Advent series we’re going to focus on the significance of light as an image of our faith and how this time of year especially reminds us of the call to be light, shining for the world to see.

December 3 – “Let There be Light,” Genesis 1: 1-4, John 1: 1-10

December 10 – “I am the Light,” John 8: 12-30