A Seven Day Guide to Gratitude – Day 1

Quote from grateful:

“We know that gratitude is good and we want to be grateful, or feel gratitude, or be seen

as thankful people. We might experience gratitude in a given moment. But inwardly, we

know how difficult it is to practice and sustain thanksgiving–to live a truly grateful life.”


I often feel the tension between knowing gratitude is good and finding myself unable to

feel deeply thankful or practice gratefulness on a regular basis. I long to be the sort of

person who lives appreciatively, but I often fall short of that desire.

Do you relate to this struggle? Or does gratitude come easily to you?


Pay attention today to these two things:

  • What made you feel grateful?
  • Did you say “thank-you” to someone?

Jot your responses in a small notebook or on your cell phone. In the evening, review and

reflect on how paying attention to gratitude made a difference to your day.


Open my eyes, God, that I may become alert to gratitude throughout the day. Help

me bridge the gap between knowing about gratitude and living in thankfulness. Free

me from guilt about the gap, replacing it with the joy of discovery and an eagerness for



Used with the permission of Diana Butler Bass. Copyright Diana Butler Bass 2019.


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