Seven Day Gratitude Guide – Day 2

Quote From Grateful:

“Gratitude is bound up with giving and receiving gifts. Gifts are the nature of the

universe itself, those things we have received from God or the natural order or what-

have-you. Grace reminds us that every good thing is a gift–that somehow the sun rising

and to be alive is an indiscriminant daily offering to us. All that we have was gifted to

every one of us.”


A gift is something we did not achieve, did not earn, and did not even expect. It is

bestowed upon us. We feel grateful when we receive a gift, something that reminds us

that a giver has noticed and cares about our needs. Although it is easy to pay attention

to special occasion gifts–like birthday or holiday presents–it is harder to notice the daily

gifts of our lives.


What daily gifts do you often take for granted? Are there gifts that comes from

unexpected sources, or from even negative experiences?


Pay attention to gifts today:

  • What felt like a gift today in your life?
  • From where did that gift come?

Jot your responses in a small notebook or on your cell phone. In the evening, review and

reflect on gifts and givers on this single day.


Thank you for gifts of sunlight, a new day, food, water, and safety. For family and

friends. Help me appreciate the simple blessings of life and not take any of these gifts

for granted. May I learn to see gifts of life more widely–experiencing the gifts that come

under surprising circumstances from unexpected givers.

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