Seven Day Guide to Gratitude – Day 5

Quote From Grateful:

“Gratitude is more than emotion. It is also a disposition that can be chosen and

cultivated, an outlook toward life that manifests itself in actions. Gratitude involves not

just what we feel but what we do. ‘Thanks’ is both a noun and a verb.”


I am very good at feeling thankful. But I forget to tell people how much I appreciate

their work, something they have done for me, or a gift they have given me. Too often,

I neglect the connection between emotions and actions. We cannot, however, read one

another’s minds. Living gratefully means doing things that embody thanksgiving.

When we link our feelings to actions, we bring our truest selves into relationship and

community with others. And that can be frightening, for we do not always know how our

words or works will be received. Acting on gratitude can be risky.

What are you afraid of losing or confronting if you take action?


Write a thank-you note to someone who has been kind to you, gave you a gift, or helped

you in a meaningful way. This may be to a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a colleague, a

spouse, or a grandparent–or to someone more distant, a person you do not know but

who has been important to you. The note might be a text, an email, a short letter, a post

on social media, or an old-fashioned card.

  • How did you feel as you wrote?
  • How do you think the person receiving your note might feel when receiving your words?

Jot your responses in a small notebook or on your cell phone. In the evening, review and

reflect on the power “thanks” as a verb.


Let me never be content with merely feeling grateful. Instead, fill me with courage to act

on thanks.

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